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The Relentless Growth Of Gsm Technology And Its New Waves

Progress of GSM technology WCDMA and 5G

From GPRS to EDGE to the upcoming WCDMA, GSM technology has touched all heights of communication to the expectation of its users. From 2G to 3G to 5G, it has really taken a giant leap.

WCDMA is the standard air interface technology in the 2GHz bandwidth which is based on the GSM core network infrastructure. WCDMA will create a conflux of technologies like GPRS, EDGE, & GSM and of course, WCDMA itself.

Now, let us take a look at what 5G really is all about. It is actually a hybrid GSM technology, where Voice over Internet Protocol, better known as VoIP, will be embraced as a way to transmit large amounts of data at almost lightening speed. The high-speed bandwidth of 5G phones will let you download movies in just a few minutes and enjoy high-def picture quality by simply connecting the phone to your TV.

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What exactly is Android Platform

Android is a mobile operating system initially developed by Android Inc. In 2005, it was bought by Google. Android is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. It has a large community of Android developers and Android programmers writing applications that extend the functionality of mobile devices. The Android Market in turn is the online application store ran by Google through which the applications can be downloaded. The Android OS software stack consists of Java applications running on a Java based object-oriented application framework on top of Java core libraries running on a Dalvik Virtual Machine. There are also libraries written in C, which includes the OpenCore media framework, SQLite, etc. Thus, Android developers who are currently writing Android applications mostly write in the Java language.

In short, the Android operating system consists of 12 million lines of code including 3 million lines of XML, 2.8 million lines of C, 2.1 millions lines of Java and 1.75 million lines of C++.

Android’s Future:-

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EBriks Infotech- Best Keywords Selection Criteria to do SEO

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO INDIA share with you About Best Keywords Selection Criteria to do SEO. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the practices to gain online visibility and high ranking in search results. There are several such techniques and tactics that can be put to use for spreading brand awareness in this digital world. The foremost step of search engine optimization strategy is keyword selection. It is very important to pick the right keywords and optimize them to make optimization campaign worthy. Keyword selection depends upon the type of website. The sites that are simple HTML pages and not database driven, so called static sites, have limited number of keywords. The sites that are driven by database, so called dynamic website can be optimized for infinite number of keywords. A single page for sites should not be optimized for more than 5 or 6 keywords. When it comes to optimizing dynamic sites, one or two word keyword phrases as well as single or plural terms can be easily optimized. For a new site, the architecture of the site should be based on the keyword selection criteria. The first step in deciding upon the keywords for a site is to have brain storming session. Any word that that comes to mind should be written down and the list should be build up. The points to be considered while building up this list is as follows: 1.Whether word stemming shall be included or not, whether it encouraged by search engine or not? 2.Keywords should be in lower case. 3.Long keyword phrases are easier to rank. In order to choose the right keywords, there are various tools available on the web. These tools are deemed to be helpful in keyword development stage, as these help us to locate new keywords and determine the frequency of web searchers searching for the specific keywords. These tools show up the result based on few past months search. One may also get recommendations for several other keywords along with their respective frequencies. After you get the list of keywords, you should place them in various locations throughout the page’s code. The suggested order for keyword placement is Title Meta Tags, Anchor Text, Header Tag Content, Title Tag in Anchor Tags, Bold/Italic Tag Content, Body Text on top, middle and bottom of page, Alt Tags in Pictures that are Links, URL/Filenames, Meta Keyword Description, Alt Tags in Pictures that are not Links. It is beyond doubt that keyword development is a time consuming and critical component for SEO. Keywords need to be places throughout site for search engine to rank the properly with changing algorithms.

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Blackberry Contract Phones Possess the leader at cheap rates

Blackberry mobile brand is one of the leading mobile brands of mobile phones. All the models of this brand comprise of some unique and impressive features and functions. All this sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. Apart from being an effective communication device, these mobile phones provide access to the internet, send emails, capture images, make videos, listen to you favorite tracks and much more. These mobile handsets are quite expensive and thus out of reach of budget users. Therefore to reach out to maximum number of consumers, the company has joined hands with the leading service providers such as T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and others.

Cheap Blackberry Phones are available through many Blackberry Deals which include Contract, Pay as you go and SIM free Deals. are the most lucrative ones as they are provided at cheap price. Under this deal, the user signs a contract with the desired service provider for a limited period of time which may range between 6 to 24 months, depending upon user’s requirements.

Once the contract is signed, the user is provided with the desired handset at cheap price or even free of cost. For this time, period, the user has to pay a monthly mobile bill which is raised depending upon his mobile usage. He has to pay a penalty if he desires to shift to any other service provider. As soon as the handset is purchased, the company showers, many expensive gifts and incentives such as laptops, LCD TVs, gaming consoles, DVD players, free talk tome, free text, reduced talk time, free line rental and much more. The main disadvantage with this deal is that the user is required to use the same handset and stick to the same service provider as long as the contract lasts.

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Internet Technology Are Constantly Providing New Opportunities For Businesses!

New advances in internet technology are constantly providing new opportunities for businesses to add to their marketing approach and content. Likewise, advances in technology are making more affordable options available to the consumer, for more details visit to and so many more people are logging onto the internet every day. As they do, the demographic is changing, and no longer is the wealthy individual the only target of internet marketing. Today virtually all income levels must be considered in the internet marketing approaches of business.

In the 1990s, internet marketing went berserk. It was a brand new concept, and caution had been thrown to the wind in all the hype. Companies did not take into consideration that the same variables of marketing in other forms of media should logically be applied to internet marketing as well. Their failure to study markets and create sound strategies led to the fall of many so-called dots-comes in the end of 2000. The survivors, and successors, for more details visit to began to look toward time-tested logic in marketing for direction, and the result was massive growth.

Through the now-careful approach of businesses and marketers alike, targeted advertising on the internet has brought forth great success. Virtually any market you may wish to break into can be tapped on the internet. Many marketing firms offer the solutions a business needs to get their products out to consumers, while a small firm may wish to handle their marketing on their own and can find lower-cost solutions for their goals as well.

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